A wholesale execution for the price of one… country!

Prague | 26 March 2014
Muslim Gazette

When you really want to establish peace and reconciliation in a divided society, there are things you just don’t do, you do not oust it’s elected president in a military coup, you do not crack down on his party members and sympathisers killing hundreds and putting thousands behind bars, you do not label those who were elected by 51% of the voters as terrorists. For if you do, it will only increase the destabilization of the whole country.  But if your real desire is to push the critical situation towards inevitable explosion, in addition to doing what was mentioned, you can issue a death sentence against 529 of the ousted president supporters.

The infamous death sentence that was reached in two sessions, not only was an aggressive act of war on the whole society, but also a sign that its last defence line, the judicial system, had been captured by the ruling military power. Today, news reports say that the head of the military state is officially running for presidency, making us wonder: was the sentence in fact an initiation of emergency laws status! What else can be described as a recipe for disaster or a wish for destruction?

Let us not forget our experience in Syria, and how pushing people to armed confrontations with the military was the only resort for the regime to stay in power. We see it clearly now, for if civil activists were left to mobilize the whole society, a matter that would eventually be achieved no matter how long it took, uniting people in one front against corruption and tyranny of the ruling few, there would be no way for the system to survive a nationwide popular disobedience.

For a military dictatorship to survive, it is necessary that it forces its opponents to play the game it knows better, armed conflict, even if this means the murder of hundreds of thousands of people, the displacement of millions and the destruction of a large percent of the infrastructure. Why not do when you have an abundance of human stock that you regard as worthless, and have guarantees of billions of dollars in support from wealthy allies, who regard the defeat of their enemy on your hands their own victory? Is it a coincidence that the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia who support the military in Egypt consider the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization?

For an outside observer, it was almost a Russian roulette situation when Mr. Morsi won by 51% of the votes in the presidential elections (and especially that he received the votes of many in the secular and progressive camp that could not stomach the victory of an old military hack). The result should have warned him and his backers that the society is deeply polarized and that the balance could tip in the other direction with a little push, and it was obvious thing that Hosni Mubarak’s elite was going to attack viciously. Morsi made grave mistakes during his reign, providing the pretext and the justification for a military coup. He ended up exactly where Mubarak is, tried behind bars, the sweet revenge of the old corrupt system.

What about Egypt? It is clear that civil society and democracy activists reject to accept the choices posed the military: either chaos and bloody confrontations, or a total submission of the Egyptian society to the brutal force of a replica of the old regime.

Civil and peaceful approaches by democracy and civil rights activists, and all opposition formations, should be the only way of confrontation with what is clearly manifestation of a totalitarian military rule. A clear declaration renouncing and condemning all sorts of violence by all parties in the Egyptian political scene, especially those labeled as Islamists, should be issued. And for those supporting the military takeover of Egypt with billions of dollars, it is better to reconsider before it’s too late and another Arab country is knee-deep in blood.

History will judge harshly those that stood in the way of the people march to freedom and self-determination.

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